Harbour Island provides many wonderful opportunities for SCUBA diving as well as fishing, not to mention some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The island has several small supermarkets that stock American and English foods. Local fisherman sell grouper, snapper, rock lobster and conch that you can cook yourself at home or have Sophia cook up a Bahamian specialty.

Several of the restaurants are a must visit, but eating out on Harbour Island can be expensive. The Rock House is a great place in the day for a light lunch or in the evening for a more formal dinner surrounded by a romantic ambiance. Their food is New Orleans style with an island twist. The Landing is a favorite of ours with the Australian Pan Pacific style food and lovely old world atmosphere. They offer breakfast on a Sunday morning which is always excellent. Sip Sip which means gossip is the name of a charming and fun lunch place that is a walk up the beach. Just look for the acid green house and you have found it. Ma Ruby’s is a must visit for a “cheeseburger in paradise” and the local beer Kalik. Fresh bread and other baked goods can be bought at Arthur’s Bakery. You can also get breakfast and lunch as well. There are many inexpensive eateries scattered about the island. A couple of our favorites are Angela’s Starfish and PT Cools. We know that you will enjoy the island with its friendly people and easy pace.